How To Find Qualified Leads

Looking for qualified leads where you know the prospective client needs your solution, and has a budget available? Here are a couple of ways to find them.

Storytelling in Sales

What’s 100% unique about your company is the journey that brought you to the point where you are today. Share your story and include your prospects.

Solopreneur vs Freelancer

Is it better to be a solopreneur or a freelancer? Here’s why freelancing is like a kick in the groin and solopreneur is the right choice for most people.

Trello vs Asana

Trello vs Asana? It’s a tough decision for any company. This article looks at some of the criteria we looked at when trying to choose one tool over the other.

Benefits of a Side Business

The benefits of a side business are ENORMOUS. You won’t just increasing your income, you’ll discover business skills you’d never otherwise learn.

One Person Company Growth

Building a sustainable one person company is pretty simple. You just need the 4 core departments in your business to produce a desired outcome.

The Entrepreneurial Journey

Want HORRIBLE advice? Rags to riches stories tell how entrepreneurs went from nothing to massive success. But these stories teach all the wrong lessons!

Shhh It’s a Secret

When you think you might be looking at a winner you need to do everything you can to make sure they end up on your team. But they’re not all winners, are they?

Sales Motivation Is Dumb

The idea of sales motivation is flawed. Your team are professionals who thrive on competition. Is a sales pep talk is going to suddenly make them produce more?

No Sales Incentives, Please

What about short term sales incentives? For example, a lavish trip to an exotic location or a shiny new Rolex for a top producer. Do they work?

Sales Processes for the Cheap Win

The success of your sales team has little or nothing to do with the amount of money in your company’s bank accounts. Sustainable wins begin and end with…

Crush Sales Objections Based on Trust

If prospect questions are so great, why are they so hard to handle? And why do some sales people feel defensive when those questions inevitably come up?

When is 100% Commission Sales OK?

100% commission sales team is nearly an irresistible, isn’t it!? You get a highly motivated sales team for little or no investment. But is it real?

Coaching to Improve Sales

When the goal is improving sales performance, coaching is the preferred method because it obviates learning by the painful client cuss method.

Successful Sales Managers & Time

For sales managers a slight improvement in time management leads to improved sales production. More importantly, their efficiency is emulated by their sales team…

A Sales Culture for Retention

Retention should be at the top of a sales manager’s priority list. Employee turnover is not only costly to an organization, but time consuming.

High Potential Sales People

The ability to consistently identify, recruit and hire sales people who are a good organizational fit is critical to your company’s success.

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