lead generation for coaches

Lead Generation For Coaches

Coaching leads come down to trust.

Prospective clients need to believe that you can take them from where they are, to where they want to be.

In other words, you’re selling a transformation. And real, quantifiable transformations are priceless.

So how do you establish credibility? What will convince prospects to let you help them with their transformation?

Well, it begins by knowing the difference between information and implementation.

These days information is free. And you probably don’t have any unique knowledge that can’t be found elsewhere on the internet.

So share your knowledge freely with anyone that’s interested. You’ll gain instant credibility, and establish your expertise in your field.

But information alone isn’t very useful. People want deeper, faster progress in their growth. And that’s where you come in to guide their transformation.

And your coaching leads will be happy to pay you to make their ‘better self’ a reality.

Coaching Leads That Convert

OK, people want to buy transformations. But how do we make that happen?

Here are the three most effective ways to generate coaching leads, while delivering huge amounts of value to your audience.

Coach The Decision Maker

Some of the best clients are mid to large companies with entire teams that could benefit from your coaching.

The nice thing about teams is you only need to impress one or two decision makers. When they are advocating for your solutions, getting a deal is all but assured.

Invite decision makers for a free private or semi-private transformational experience. Make it clear that the purpose of the invitation is for them to evaluate your ability to help their company.

Give them as much value as possible during the course of a short session.

When your attendees feel like they’ve genuinely grown, they’ll want that same outcome for their team. And you’ll end up with new clients.


Record a valuable information session and invite the people you want to coach.

They’ll be getting access to valuable information, and you have the opportunity to win their coaching business.

Done right, pre-recorded webinars can be incredibly effective. You only need to make the content once. So it can become the cornerstone of your sales funnel.

And the entire process is interactive. Your invitees can ask you questions throughout the webinar. And you can establish that important sense of connection.

If the information session is valuable then some of your leads are going to want to take the next steps.

Find A Shared Audience

Imagine Oprah invited you on her show and introduced you as her favourite coach. How many coaching leads do you think you’d get? Probably more than you could ever handle.

One of the easiest ways to generate coaching leads is to share your expertise with someone else’s audience.

And while Oprah may not come knocking any time soon. There are tons of influencers that will be thrilled to work with you.

Start by finding partners that share a similar audience to yourself. But don’t provide solutions that compete with your own.

If you can provide a ton of value to their audience. You’ll be helping them as much as you help yourself.

Some common ways you can collaborate with potential partners include:

Email Mentions

If your partner has an existing email list you can ask them to share your work with their audience.

Of course there has to be something in it for them. But usually you can negotiate a reciprocal agreement. Or arrange a ‘pay per outcome’ approach.

Podcasts & Video Interviews

Podcasters and YouTubers regularly interview people their audience are excited to hear from.

But here’s the thing. It’s not always easy finding these experts.

If you’ve got an interesting way to add value to their audience then they’ll be happy to interview you.

Social Channels

Collaborate with social influencers who have your audience. Offer to share their work with your audience, and ask them to do likewise.

The nice thing about this approach is how well it scales. You can reach massive numbers of people just by partnering with a few established influencers.

Guest Post

Another popular form of audience-sharing is guest posting. Contact websites that publish content related to your own and ask if you can share an article. Often they’ll be happy to let you contribute.

And if they have a large readership then you’ll get an audience that discovers your work for years to come.

Coaching Leads – What’s Included?

Our coaching lead generation package is ‘all inclusive.’  It includes complete database development, email delivery, and copywriting.

Today we received a fantastic response from a prospective client. He described our messaging as “interesting and personal“. Then he added, “the proposition you’ve succinctly outlined for SMEs is spot on“. Very excited to get more interested sales leads in the weeks ahead.

Annette Bedford

CEO, The A Firm

Matthew Murray

Matthew Murray

Matthew Murray is the Managing Director of Sales Higher. He knows any company can THRIVE with enough qualified sales leads. So he’s spent the last decade helping companies meet engaged prospects and win new deals.

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