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Lead Generation For Accountants

Lead generation for accountants works really well for two reasons:

First, EVERY company you contact needs your services. There are no exceptions. A great accountant (like you!) can provide valuable guidance in the short term. And identify future compliance issues before they become a problem.

Second, virtually every company you contact ALREADY has an accountant. This means they’re already comfortable paying for your solutions. They just haven’t met YOU yet!

We’ve been using Matthew from Sales Higher to generate quality leads for our accounting and advisory firm here in Sydney for a few months now and have been really happy with the results. We’ve been put in touch with interesting businesses and have landed work as a direct result of the leads generated by Sales Higher.

Ben Fletcher

Managing Director, Generate

Accounting Leads That Convert

At any given time 3% – 5% of companies are dissatisfied with their current accounting providers. And they’re open to making a switch.

Changing accountants isn’t done lightly so your prospects need to feel like you have more to offer. Some ways you can differentiate your solutions include:

  • Industry specialization (ie serve F&B companies)
  • Niche expertise (ie help with acquisitions)
  • Strategic positioning (ie can introduce funding)
  • Competitive pricing (ie better service at a lower price)
  • More care & attention (ie we review your accounts with you monthly)

The more you refine your value proposition, the easier it will be to generate accounting leads.

Accounting Lead Generation Methods

There are 3 ways accountants generate leads. For optimal results, all three methods can be combined into a single campaign.

Appointment Leads:

The most common type of lead is to just ask for a conversation or meeting. These leads have a very high ROI because only the most interested prospects make the effort to set an appointment. We sometimes refer to these as ‘hard leads.’

Information Leads:

Providing valuable information to prospective clients is a great way to establish a new relationship. Examples include ebooks, case studies, and white papers. We sometimes refer to these as ‘soft leads.’

Done right, soft leads have a very high conversion rate. The ROI is usually lower than hard leads because the prospect has expressed interest in your collateral, not your services.

Event Leads:

Event leads have the characteristics of both hard leads and soft leads. The prospect gets access to valuable information that will improve their business. But unlike information leads, they need to engage to receive the content. Examples of event leads include webinars, and seminars.

Event leads can have a massive ROI because you have your prospect’s undivided attention. And you get to share the highlights of your positioning in an organic way.

What’s Included in Lead Generation For Accountants?

Our accounting lead generation package is ‘all inclusive.’  It includes complete database development, email delivery, and copywriting.

Today we received a fantastic response from a prospective client. He described our messaging as “interesting and personal“. Then he added, “the proposition you’ve succinctly outlined for SMEs is spot on“. Very excited to get more interested sales leads in the weeks ahead.

Annette Bedford

CEO, The A Firm

Matthew Murray

Matthew Murray

Matthew Murray is the Managing Director of Sales Higher. He knows any company can THRIVE with enough qualified sales leads. So he’s spent the last decade helping companies meet engaged prospects and win new deals.

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