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Pay NOTHING until you meet interested decision makers


I Want New Clients


Qualified Sales Leads


We introduce your solutions to decision makers in your preferred industries and geographic region(s). If they’re interested we set up a meeting for you to discuss further. There are no charges for B2B sales leads that fall outside your definition of an MQL (marketing qualified lead), so you can fill your sales pipeline with confidence.

Pay As You Go


Pay just $1 when you sign up, and NOTHING more until you get receive B2B sales leads that are actively interested in your services. Packages begin at just 40 leads, paid as you go.

An Irresistible Offer


We’ll help you craft actionable copy that captivates and engages your best prospects. When they respond for more information we’ll set up a time to speak. Then we’ll send you the details for review.

Respectful Outreach


Developing strong B2B sales leads begins by treating prospective clients with absolute respect. That means taking the time to personalize every message, and looking for ways to support THEIR growth. We make sure you are 100% satisfied with everything that goes out in your name. Because at the end of the day, it’s YOUR name.

Sales People Should Sell

You pay your sales people to sell. That means getting on the phone, meeting prospects, and closing deals.

When your sales people aren’t client-facing, they aren’t performing their primary function. Unfortunately most sales professionals spend up to 25 hours a week on non-client facing activities. Time required to build contact lists, update contact info, getting past gate keepers, and waiting on prospect replies is better spent on high value activities.

Sales Higher eliminates 100% of time spent developing B2B sales leads. We’ll grind through the data, you land the deals.

Pay NOTHING until you meet

interested decision makers

Revenue Certainty


Your phone bill shows up on the same day every month. But are your sales equally certain?

Reliable revenues are a function of a quantifiable sales funnel. For example, you may know that 50% of marketing qualified leads will convert to sales qualified leads. In turn, some SQL will become clients. You want to know your PRECISE conversion rates at each stage of the sales funnel. Then you’ll know how many sales leads it takes to achieve your revenue objectives.

If revenue security is your goal then conversion rates are critical. When your monthly volume of B2B sales leads is higher than your needs, then you’re revenue secure.

We’ve been using Matthew from Sales Higher to generate quality leads for our accounting and advisory firm here in Sydney for a few months now and have been really happy with the results. We’ve been put in touch with interesting businesses and have landed work as a direct result of the leads generated by Sales Higher.

Ben Fletcher

Managing Director, Generate

The confidence Matthew has, charging only after he provides you an appointment, tells you a lot. He also frequently updates on how the campaigns are going. There were not many responses in the beginning, but things are starting to pick up!

Benne Tan

Director, Excel Infinity

Today we received a fantastic response from a prospective client. He described our messaging as “interesting and personal“. Then he added, “the proposition you’ve succinctly outlined for SMEs is spot on“. Very excited to get more interested sales leads in the weeks ahead.

Annette Bedford

CEO, The A Firm