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Matthew has done a great job of providing us with leads to good quality prospects for our CFO Services. We have a good number of potential clients now in our pipeline and some who have become paying clients as a result.
Sue Hirst

Director, CFO On-Call

About Sales Higher

We get it. Your sales pipeline is the most important part of your business. And you need a steady stream of qualified leads to support your sales team.

Our team of virtual sales assistants will get you the warm leads you need to fill your sales funnel. We’ll find the companies that need your services, and contact the decision makers on your behalf. So your sales reps have a steady stream of opportunities ready to pursue.

What Does An In-House Virtual Sales Assistant Actually Do?

Our remote contractors are expertly trained in outreach, and have access to premium tools and databases. Which creates an incredible combination of more sales, with fewer fixed costs.

By bringing a sales virtual assistant in-house you’ll get your sales and marketing strategies executed exactly the way you want them done. Here’s some of what your new marketing assistant can do to make them your company’s most valuable asset.



  • Advanced research
  • Personalization
  • Event triggers
  • Technology selectors

Professional Copy

  • Value proposition
  • A/B testing
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Monthly reviews

Advanced Lead Gen

  • Multi-channel outreach
  • Reverse IP look up
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Custom images / videos

Website Promotion

  • Guest post outreach
  • Link building
  • Broken link building
  • PR & syndication

Custom Database

  • Bespoke database
  • Data cleaning
  • Email verification
  • Response management

Thought Leadership

  • Webinars / Events
  • Content distribution
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Content research

Email Delivery

  • Mailing domain
  • Professional hosting
  • Domain warming
  • Delivery monitoring

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We chose Sales Higher after an exhaustive review of lead generation agencies. We stay with them because we are truly satisfied with the leads we’ve received.

Sandra Lee

Solutions Consultant, Applivon

Experts In Outreach

Here are 6 insanely effective a remote sales assistant can grow your business.

Lead Generation

Content Distribution


Guest Posting

Strategic Partnerships

Link Building


Webinar Invites

What Results Can We Expect?

Everyone’s situation is a bit different, and when it comes to lead generation there are no ‘one size fits all’ answers.

With that caveat made, here some results we’ve seen for ourselves and on client projects.

Lead Generation: Typically we get 2 – 3 interested leads for every 200 decision makers we contact.

Link Building: We usually get 1 – 2 quality backlinks for every 100 websites we reach out to.

Guest Posting: We expect to get 1 – 3 guest post opportunities for every 100 websites we contact.

Content Distribution: One client started a conversation almost every single day just by offering prospects her premium content.

Strategic Partnerships: Another client got 6 positive responses for every 100 people he contacted about working together.

Hope this helps!

Sales Best Practices

These days, getting leads is more challenging than ever before. So let’s put in the extra effort! Here are some ways we can support your growth.

Multi-Channel Outreach

Want to connect with someone on Linkedin, followed by an email, and then a short video? No problem! Connecting with prospects across multiple platforms used to be a nightmare. Now it’s just standard business practices.

Premium Tools & Databases

Our remote sales assistants have access to a suite of premium tools they can use to support your sales department. Don’t feel like spending $1000 a month to get the right tools for the job? No worries, we’ve got you covered.

Deep Personalization

Show them you know them! Being intentional about who you contact is the fastest way to a prospect’s heart. Your virtual sales assistant can do personalized snippets that are so detailed that every email is completely different.

Technical Expertise

Email isn’t especially complicated. But when next month’s sales results are dependent upon things going right, Murphy’s Law suggests something will go wrong. Our team is expert in email delivery and can set up your domain, email servers and DNS (SPF, DKIM, etc) so your messages get where they belong. We use the most advanced outreach clients on the market so you’ve got access to the best technology available.

Clean Data

In its raw form, data has no value. To be used for lead generation, data has to be carefully cleaned by a virtual sales assistant. Our detail-oriented researchers have 1000’s of hours of experience cleaning and improving data for lead generation campaigns. The importance of data cleaning can’t be understated You only get one chance to make a positive impression, and if your data hasn’t been thoroughly scrubbed that opportunity will be lost.

Sales Playbooks That Convert

We’ve run 1000’s of campaigns and seen first hand what works and what doesn’t. We’re happy to share.

Copy Improvement

The success of your sales efforts can hinge on your copy. The most successful campaigns begin and end by delivering value to your prospect. You want to add so much value they feel compelled to engage with you and take things to the next step. We suggest ways you can improve your messaging to optimize sales lead generation. Even a small increase in conversions can translate into a huge increase in sales leads for your sales team. Which is why we also A/B split test copy ideas to find what resonates best with your audience.

Think Relationships, Not Lead Generation

The ONLY lead generation strategy that works is one that puts prospects first. In other words, you want to create relationships, not opportunities. It’s a subtle but important difference.

Relationship building means you’re thinking about ways to add value to your prospect’s situation. And it’s the only approach to b2b marketing that works in the long term.

It takes a bit of work, but it’s worth it! When you really understand your target customers and their pain points then a ‘value first’ approach creates itself.

Your virtual sales assistant will help you connect with prospects in a way that’s relevant and personal. And you’ll know you’re making an amazing first impression.

Successful B2B Sales Leads One
Successful small business lead generation
successful small business lead gen

Meet decision makers interested in your solutions


How's the data quality?

Customer acquisition is a human process.

Sure, we use lead generation tools to help us identify potential opportunities. But that’s where many b2b lead generation companies end. And where we’re just getting started.

We individually check the target companies in your lead list to ensure they match your target customer. And confirm the email addresses for decision makers is correct.

It’s a ton of extra work. But you only get one chance to make a great impression with potential customers. So it’s worth it.

Can I Personalize My Messages?

Yes! Entire sentences can be personalized to ensure your messages are relevant and interesting. Emails with high personalization get double the average engagement rates.

How fast can we grow?

Your B2B data is precious.

So part of your marketing strategy needs to be focused on conversion rate. And getting the best possible outcome from every one of your precious contacts.

That means taking things slow at the beginning. Confirm your marketing campaign is converting to new customers at a reasonable rate.

When you’re ready, accelerate your email outreach, and scale like crazy!

That’s how you build outbound email marketing campaigns that deliver long term growth.

What if I don't get strong results?

Successful lead generation campaigns deliver deep value for the prospects. The more value you provide, the more interest you’ll generate. We recommend iterating your value proposition until you generate b2b sales leads in a predictable way. Small, ongoing tweaks to your campaign will add up to a huge ROI.

How do I get started?

Let’s start with a quick discovery call to ensure we’re a great fit for your lead generation needs. Visit our Contact page, to book a time to connect. If you need an additional time slot opened, let us know. After we speak we’ll start getting you leads in a few short weeks.

Why Work With A Virtual Sales Assistant?

By now you almost certainly know why you should be working with a virtual sales assistant. The benefits to your sales team are significant. You can offload your tedious administrative tasks that get in the way of high impact customer discussions. Here are some of the most popular reasons sales teams want to work with a virtual sales assistant.

Scaling Sales:

For most business owners, scaling sales remains one of their biggest challenges. Working with a virtual sales assistant enables you to accelerate (or decelerate) your lead generation campaigns with ease. When you need more opportunities in your pipeline, just request more prospects for your campaign. It’s literally that simple and you can think of it as growth on demand. As your sales team grows, your virtual sales assistant can increase activity to fill their pipeline.


Your sales team is almost certainly expert at helping prospects understand and use your solutions. But most sales and marketing teams don’t have a background in b2b data development. Strong research and skills take months or years to master. For a more efficient sales process your sales team needs to focus on what they do best – sales. Leave the search for new clients up to your virtual sales assistant.

Save on Fixed Costs:

A remote worker costs a fraction of what you’d pay employees to do the same work in-house. For example, when you hire from the global talent pool you don’t have to pay for employee benefits.

And since your virtual sales assistant is in a remote location you aren’t responsible for all the overheads that you would otherwise incur. And overheads go way beyond the cost of office space, computers, and insurance. There are also significant investments required for lead generation tools and data sets. When you combine all these costs together, hiring a virtual sales assistant is an obvious way to reduce overheads and achieve better outcomes. These are savings that can only be achieved through niche economies of scale.

All in, a virtual assistant for sales costs about a third of doing the same work in-house.

Time Management & Productivity:

It’s your responsibility to make the best use of your time; and the same holds true for your sales team. Getting new sales is easier when you are using your time wisely. That means spending as much time as possible on high value activities. And as little time possible on activities that have a lower ROI. To achieve this goal, your sales team needs to delegate repetitive tasks to a virtual sales assistant. There’s no better way to maximize productivity in sales.

Harvard Business Review recommends managers do an inventory of the work they do every month. They discovered that as much as 20% of administrative tasks can be redesigned to be outsourced to capable professionals. Thus leaving them with considerably more time for customer work and other tasks that most impact your business. For your sales team this means more client facing time. And ultimately, more sales revenue for the quarter.

Small Business Flexibility:

Hiring and onboarding new employees is expensive and time consuming. Sales Higher makes picking up a new hire for your organization completely painless. You can scale your outreach needs up or down as needed.

Meet decision makers interested in your solutions

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