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Accelerate your sales pipeline at a fraction the cost of doing it in-house

If you’re looking to fill your pipeline with qualified leads then our virtual sales assistant services can help.

A virtual sales assistant takes care of the time consuming tasks required to acquire new clients for your business. Sales Higher seeks out and actively connects with high value prospects that match your target client profile. This gives you time to focus on your primary job – closing deals with prospective clients.

Before working with us, typical clients spent about 25 hours a week on non-client facing activities. Now they spend that time closing deals and building their business. Best of all, working with a virtual sales assistant costs a fraction of doing the same job in-house.

If your target clients are other businesses (b2b) and you are looking to grow revenue then let’s take a moment to connect. Let us know who you want to meet and we can make that happen for you.

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How Much Does A Virtual Sales Assistant Cost?

Depending on your requirements, a team of virtual sales assistants generating sales leads for your business typically costs from US$350 per month.

Your monthly fee is ‘all in’ and includes database development, data cleaning & verification, servers, DNS, professional outreach client, and campaign management. There’s no better return on investment than to allocate time consuming tasks that slow down your sales process.

What Does A Virtual Sales Assistant Do?

We’ve seen time and again the importance of targeting to generate strong leads for your business. A great virtual sales service will help you refine your targeting and messaging. Our virtual sales assistant services include everything you need to generate new b2b sales leads. This includes the sales processes listed below, and more.


Sales Higher does deep research to create a database of companies that match your target company profile. When the list is ready we identify company decision makers so you are always connecting with the people best positioned to help you make a deal.

Data Cleaning:

In its raw form, data has no value. To be used for lead generation, data has to be carefully cleaned by a virtual sales assistant. Our detail-oriented researchers have 1000’s of hours of experience cleaning and improving data for lead generation campaigns. The importance of data cleaning can’t be understated You only get one chance to make a positive impression, and if your data hasn’t been thoroughly scrubbed that opportunity will be lost.


The success of your sales efforts can hinge on your copy. The most successful campaigns begin and end by delivering value to your prospect. You want to add so much value they feel compelled to engage with you and take things to the next step. We suggest ways you can improve your messaging to optimize sales lead generation. Even a small increase in conversions can translate into a huge increase in sales leads for your sales team. Which is why we also A/B split test copy ideas to find what resonates best with your audience.


Email isn’t especially complicated. But when next month’s sales results are dependent upon things going right, Murphy’s Law suggests something will go wrong. Our team is expert in email delivery and will set up your domain, email servers and DNS (SPF, DKIM, etc) so your messages get where they belong. We use the most advanced outreach clients on the market so you’ve got access to the best technology available.

Campaign Management:

A virtual sales assistant can take over complete management of your campaign. All the day-to-day activities of keeping your data up to date is handled on our side. So all you need to do is communicate with prospects that are interested in your solutions. We send engaged inquiries directly to your sales team so they can follow up accordingly.virtual sales assistant

Deep Personalization:

Prospects want to receive messages that add value to their lives and situation. In other words, they want to receive messages that are relevant and make sense for them to receive. The prospect should feel like your message was intended for them, and them alone. This level of personalization is quite time consuming and is best left to your virtual sales assistant. We can fully customize every email so your prospect feels like you know exactly who they are, and understand their problems and objectives.

Why Work With A Virtual Sales Assistant?

By now you almost certainly know why you should be working with a virtual sales assistant. The benefits to your sales team are significant. In part this is because you allow them to offload the tedious administrative tasks that get in the way of high impact customer discussions. Here are some of the most popular reasons sales teams want to work with a virtual sales assistant.

Scaling Sales:

For most companies, scaling sales remains one of their biggest challenges. Working with a virtual sales assistant enables you to accelerate (or decelerate) your lead generation campaigns with ease. When you need more opportunities in your pipeline, just request more prospects for your campaign. It’s literally that simple and you can think of it as growth on demand. As your sales team grows, your virtual sales assistant can increase activity to fill their pipeline.


Your sales team is almost certainly expert at helping prospects understand and use your solutions. But most sales professionals don’t have a background in b2b data development. Strong research and skills take months or years to master. And it’s probably not the best use of time for your sales team to learn these skills. Our virtual sales assistants are focused on finding new clients for your business all day long. And this single-minded support for your sales team is what makes them great at what they do.

Massive Cost Savings:

A virtual sales assistant costs a fraction of what you’d pay a sales person to do the same work in-house. These are savings that can only be achieved through niche economies of scale. All in, a virtual assistant for sales costs less than 10% of doing the same work in-house.

Since your virtual sales assistant is an outsourced solution you aren’t responsible for all the overheads that you would otherwise incur. And overheads go way beyond the cost of office space, computers, and insurance. There are also significant investments required for lead generation tools and data sets. When you combine all these costs together, hiring a virtual sales assistant is an obvious way to reduce overheads and achieve better outcomes.

Time Management & Productivity:

It’s your responsibility to make the best use of your time; and the same holds true for your sales team. You want to make the most of the opportunities available to you by being as productive as possible. That means spending as much time as possible on high value activities. And as little time possible on activities that have a lower ROI. To achieve this goal, your sales team needs to delegate repetitive tasks to a virtual sales assistant. There’s no better way to maximize productivity in sales.

Harvard Business Review recommends managers do an inventory of the work they do every month. They discovered that as much as 20% of administrative tasks can be redesigned to be outsourced to capable professionals. Thus leaving them with considerably more time for customer work and other tasks that most impact your business. For your sales team this means more client facing time. And ultimately, more sales revenue for the quarter.

How To Hire A Virtual Sales Assistant

Getting started is easy. Start by reaching out to connect. We’ll respond right away and set up a time to discuss your lead generation targets. After we confirm who you want to meet we’ll get started on preliminary research.

During the research phase we’ll work with you to refine your messaging. We don’t want to contact a single prospect until everyone is 100% confident your messaging represents your voice and values. And is well positioned to help you achieve your sales goals.

After launching your lead generation campaign, we’ll work with you to iterate as needed. We want to maximize your positive outcomes. And that only happens with an obsessive focus on results.

Work With A Specialist

At Sales Higher we only do one thing. We help our clients engage with their best prospects in a way that’s respectful, interesting, and drives business goals.

As you might expect, every part of the lead generation process is a niche skill. Each task takes 100’s of hours to learn properly. And all of our virtual sales assistants focus on improving ONE skill until they are arguably the best in the world at doing it.

Being great at a single thing takes focus and dedication. So if you are going to engage virtual sales assistant services, we strongly recommend you work with a specialist provider.

Need More Qualified B2B Leads?

Meet decision makers interested in your solutions


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