B2B Data Services


Successful campaigns are built on the right contacts

The quality of your b2b email list determines the results of your lead generation campaign. After all, a great message won’t resonate if you send it to the wrong person! 

At Sales Higher we pride ourselves on generating the perfect data for YOUR business. We deliver fresh data that has been manually cleaned. And we do it at prices that are affordable for any business.

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Human Verified B2B Email Lists

Machines can do incredible things these days.

But they still can’t exercise situational judgement like a human. That’s why EVERY single line of data we produce is carefully reviewed by an expert data researcher with 1000’s of hours of experience.

Our researchers catch mistakes that are beyond a machine’s ability to interpret. For example, ‘William’ actually goes by ‘Bill’ and should be referred to as such. Or ‘Rogers Homes’ recently rebranded to ‘Stark Homes’.

You only get ONE chance to make a first impression. Start by getting their name right.

Bespoke B2B Data Services

At Sales Higher our ‘database’ has zero people.

Sorry, what?!

It’s true. We don’t maintain a database of people or companies. B2B data changes every day and large b2b databases have limited value for many use cases. A b2b database with “100 million people” is useless if you can’t find the 1000 people YOU want to connect with.

Instead, we do rigorous research to build your b2b email lists from scratch. It’s a TON of work, but the extra effort is worth it. You’ll have a b2b list that’s perfect for you, because it was created for you, and you alone.

Fresh B2B Email Lists

Over time people change companies or change roles within the same company. This means the accuracy of b2b email lists will decrease over time.

To ensure our clients are using data that’s as accurate on day 500 as it was on day 1 we send your data when you’re going to use it. This means you’re working with the freshest, most accurate b2b email list possible.

Affordable B2B Data Providers

B2B email lists that skyrocket your revenue need to be cost effective for ANY sized company. Affordability gives smaller firms the ability to compete with larger, multi-national competitors on an even playing field. 

We do our absolute best to keep your costs as low as possible, while still helping you achieve your b2b lead generation goals.

Examples of B2B Data Services

The best b2b data providers set the next stage of your sales funnel up for success. That happens when you’re connecting with companies where you can add the most value. 

Maybe your best buyer is an e-commerce company, in NYC area, using AWS for hosting, with more than 10,000 site visitors per month? Don’t worry, we know exactly who you’re looking for.

Or maybe you need to connect with CEO’s at medical research firms in the Sydney area, with fewer than 25 employees. No problem!

When your success comes means reaching the right people, we’ve got you covered.

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