How The Best B2B Websites Generate Leads

You don’t need to hire b2b lead generation services to get great leads. In this article we’ll take a look at five ways high converting B2B websites are driving strong results.

By applying just two of these principles we’ve consistently seen conversion rates over 7%!

Here’s how you can supercharge your B2B website for lead conversion.

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The Best B2B Websites Give Visitors a Reason To Take Action

The number one reason people don’t take the desired action on a website is there is no reason to do so.

Try a quick experiment. Visit 20 random small professional services websites. How many of them have “Contact Us” or “Contact Us For a Free Consultation” as the call to action (CTA).

Using “Contact Us” as a CTA furthers YOUR goals, but it doesn’t address the needs of your site visitor. Everyone knows why YOU want them to fill in the form. But what do they get out of the deal? A discovery call isn’t as appealing as you might think.


Best B2B Websites - Free Consultation


The best B2B websites take a visitor-centric approach to lead capture.

Picture yourself as your prospective client. What information do you need to take the relationship further? What do you most want to achieve by visiting the site?

Make it easy for visitors to exchange their contact details for the information they want. If they want pricing information then add 1 or 2 fields to your capture form so you can send them an indicative quote.

When you offer your visitors something (ie information), they are more likely to act than if you request something (ie a meeting).

Use Numbers

Your website’s job is to tell visitors what outcomes they can enjoy by working with you. If the benefit is compelling enough, they’ll probably fill in a contact form.

But here’s the thing. Talk is cheap, and outcomes are vague.

Just because you SAY you can add value, doesn’t make it true. Why should visitors believe you? And why should they choose you over a competitor who is making similar claims?

Numbers make your benefit feel tangible. Consider these two statements:

‘Reduce your diesel costs with our fuel additive’

‘Our customers save on average of 8% on diesel fuel costs’

The first statement is interesting, but hard to quantify. Visitors want to save on fuel costs. But they have no way of knowing whether the amount saved is big enough to care.

In the second statement the benefit is quantified. The visitor knows that if they spend $200K a year on diesel fuel then they can expect to save $16K. And that’s a savings worth exploring.

PublishThis does an excellent job of using numbers to paint a picture of a compelling benefit.


best b2b websites use numbers


Their stats suggest impressive benefits and immediately peak interest. It’s more than enough to check out their offering and pricing page in more detail. takes a slightly different approach. They use numbers to create social proof. When you look at their home page in the ‘hero’ area and the navigation menu they highlight that over 250,000 people have used their solution.


the best b2B websites use social proof


Kinda makes you feel like you’re missing out if you don’t give them a try!

Experience The Outcome

Your local bulk food store probably has small stalls set up so you can taste test new food products. In a big store store you can do a few rounds and make a whole meal out of it! Food sellers know that for you to become a loyal buyer, you need to experience their product. If you like it, you’ll buy it. And you might keep buying it.

The same principle applies to B2B offerings. In industries like software providers routinely offer a free tier, or a free trial to entice visitors to bring in new users. They know that by getting people to try, a percentage of users will convert in to buyers.

But what about professional services? Experiences are easy with food and software. How do you create an experience when you are a service provider?

It’s not easy, but images can provide the customer experience you are looking to provide. Sales Higher helps SME’s develop highly qualified B2B sales leads. On our home page we show a picture of a client attracting a stream of valuable leads. The image shows the client getting positive responses, and our site visitor can “experience” the outcomes we provide our clients.

One of the best sites to see this principle in action is Grammarly.


The Best B2B Websites Promote Experience


When you visit their home page they tell you what you get by using their solution – Great Writing, Simplified.

But beside their text they have a short GIF that shows their tool in action. It’s very simple, but it shows you exactly what outcomes to expect by using their solution.

Tell Me About… Me

When you visit a B2B website it’s not always obvious who they want to work with.

Check out almost any professional services website. Are their services primarily aimed at Fortune 500 companies? Or do they work with 1 man companies? It’s often hard to tell. And this problem isn’t limited to professional services – it happens everywhere.

Ironically, small firms will inadvertently create signals that alienate the very clients they are trying to attract. For example, they’ll rent an address in a prestigious location, and try to appear as a well established company. And in doing so they appear ‘unaffordable’ to the smaller firms that are best suited for their solutions.

Make it clear in your copy who your target clients are. If you serve small companies, make that clear. If you don’t offer clarity, your target customers may decide your solutions aren’t intended for them.

Check out There is absolutely NO ambiguity about what they do, or the types of companies they serve.


The best b2b websites have an ICP

Live Vicariously

When was the last time you bought something online? You checked out the reviews, right? Everyone does. That’s because we inherently trust advice from 3rd party users. We know their unbiased experience is real and valuable.

B2B is different than retail ecommerce, but the same principle applies. So on your website, offer visitors ways to experience your outcomes through others’ unbiased experience.

The first (and easiest) way to do this is provide testimonials. Just be sure to make it authentic! Random quotes from unknown people have NO impact. Use face pictures and company names to make your testimonials come to life.

Another way to enable visitors to experience the benefits of your solution is to offer case studies. Case studies are extremely effective because the describe a problem, challenges, and a solution. They also use real numbers. If your reader shares any of the same pain points then they are going to be very interested to learn more about your solution.

Finally, consider using a video testimonial. Similar to a case study, a video testimonial introduces your prospect to an existing client. In the interview the customer walks the viewer through their frustrations and how you helped. Video is a very powerful medium and you’ll find visitors stay on your site longer to consume this type of content.

The Best B2B Websites Capture Sales Leads

So there you have it. If you want to capture lots of leads consider using the tactics described above.

The more vibrant a picture you paint of the outcomes you provide, the better conversion rates your website will deliver.

Need More Qualified B2B Leads?

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Matthew Murray
Matthew Murray

Matthew Murray is the Managing Director of Sales Higher. He knows any company can THRIVE with enough qualified sales leads. So he’s spent the last decade helping companies meet engaged prospects and win new deals.

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