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What’s B2B Leads That Convert?

Over the last 10 years I’ve generated over 4000 qualified leads for ourselves and our clients. Buried in the analytics reports, I’ve discovered a simple truth – human nature is largely constant. When you know how prospects will react, your outcomes are mostly predictable.

Here are the playbooks we use so you can save ten years of trial and error. Follow these lessons step by step and you’ll get a qualified meeting every day.



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6 Outreach Strategies That ALWAYS Work



A Reliable Copywriting Framework



How To NEVER Land In The Spam Box




4000+ Funded Companies Q1 2024 & CEO contacts



6500+ Funded Companies 2023 (H2) & CEO contacts


Future Updates


This is a ‘living’ lead generation course. We’ve got lots of exciting things planned and you get access to all the future updates.


Some Client Campaigns

B2B Sales Leads
B2B Sales Leads Course
Cold Email Outreach
B2B Leads Course
Cold Email Course
Learn Cold Email
Why This Lead Generation Course?

I’ve been generating B2B leads for over a decade, with over 4000 positive responses for ourselves and our clients.

Lead generation is a rapidly evolving art. But here’s the thing – even with all the changes, the basics remain the same.

And make no mistake, sales prospecting is all about executing the basics well. There’s no magic template or a ‘game changing’ AI. Just basic principles that remain constant.

What works today is the same thing that always worked. You need to really know the person you’re contacting. And deliver value that they’ll appreciate.

That’s it. Nothing special, but also hard to do consistently.

And that’s what the course is all about.

How Does The 30 Minute Consultation Work

When you sign up you’ll be given a link to my calendar. You can register for a 30m call any time within 3 months of your purchase.

Please note the call offer is temporary and will be removed in the very near future.

What's Included In This Lead Generation Course?

There’s a detailed breakdown of everything that’s included above. Here are some of the learning outcomes we focus on in this training course.

  • Why your cold email strategy trumps your copy.
  • How your prospect defines value, and how to deliver it.
  • Why timing is your enemy, and how to work around it.
  • Why ‘IF/THEN’ questions will KILL your campaign.
  • Two popular strategies that seldom work. And why they fail.
  • Six cold email strategies that consistently deliver qualified leads.
  • Some ways to use cold email to accelerate your inbound marketing.
  • The ONLY thing you need to ensure perfect email deliverability.
  • How to personalize your copy at scale.
  • 6 Rules for effective copywriting.
  • How to remove ego from your copy and focus on your prospects.
  • Two types of sales acceleration platforms & how to choose the right one for you.
  • The optimal contact sequence for business development.
  • How to find and enrich your prospects’ contact information.
What Skills Do You Need For This Lead Generation Course?

Just one.


This lead generation training is heavily focused on seeing things from the point of view of your target prospect. When you can put yourself in your prospects’ shoes you’ll be well on your way to unlimited clients.

Is This The Right Lead Generation Training For Me?


This training course is aimed at all levels, regardless of your prior lead generation experience. Or how much time you have available.

Are Refunds Available?

No. Given the digital nature of the product along with the many bonuses (all of which cost more than the course itself) it isn’t possible to offer refunds.

I Have Another Question

Great, I’d love to hear from you. Here’s our CONTACT PAGE.

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