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Every month we introduce 1000+ human-verified CEO’s who just raised millions. Their companies are growing fast and they have work to outsource. You just need to put up your hand.

1000+ leads / month

Linkedin profiles included

Funding type & other filters

CEO emails 100% validated

Access to FULL database (limited time)

Database of Funded Companies

$49 / month

Why Contact Recently Funded Companies?

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Stop selling to prospects that can’t afford your service.

You’re not just wasting your prospect’s time. You’re wasting your own.

When you sell to companies with no budget you have to change your deliverables to fit around their constraints. And the negotiations are usually miserable. They always want you to give more and more and more.

Why not sell to companies that have adequate funds and need your help? Your discussions can center around how their needs intersect with your value proposition.

They're Decisive


Selling to small, nimble companies is great because you’re often working directly with the CEO. There are few levels of decision making, which shortens the buying process – they’re in or they’re out.

They're Fast


Startups move FAST. They need to deploy their capital quickly & efficiently to achieve their near term objectives. If you can help them get to the next level they’ll be thrilled to hear from you.

Sample Funded Company Database


Need Custom Leads Instead?


We’ll build you a PERFECT prospect list for your business


Custom leads

Linkedin profile links

Sales triggers on request

Advanced personalization

Technographic & Firmographic Data

Human-reviewed & manually cleaned

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Matthew took the time to get to know my business and brainstorm with me on how we could maximize our efforts to generate leads. His service is very personal, and the meetings he’s set up for me are with top quality clients.
Belli Napa

General Manager, Trainstation

We’ve been using Matthew from Sales Higher to generate quality leads for our accounting and advisory firm here in Sydney for a few months now and have been really happy with the results. We’ve been put in touch with interesting businesses and have landed work as a direct result of the leads generated by Sales Higher.
Ben Fletcher

Managing Director, Generate

The confidence Matthew has, charging only after he provides you an appointment, tells you a lot. He also frequently updates on how the campaigns are going. There were not many responses in the beginning, but things are starting to pick up!
Benne Tan

Director, Excel Infinity

It’s with much enthusiasm that I recommend the services that Matthew has been providing to our company. Besides being able to generate great sales leads, he has always been sincere and committed throughout the whole process.
Nate Sin

Director, Green Marine Solutions

Sales Higher has done a really good job filling up my sales pipeline. I just got off the phone with a dream prospect that’s a perfect fit for what my company offers…keep ’em coming!!
Joeri Pross

Director, Hypercube

Matthew has been very reactive and helpful to generate qualified leads. He took the time to understand our business and potential prospects to get the best results possible.
Bastien Timante

VP of Sales, Behavioural Response

Today we received a fantastic response from a prospective client. He described our messaging as “interesting and personal“. Then he added, “the proposition you’ve succinctly outlined for SMEs is spot on“. Very excited to get more interested sales leads in the weeks ahead.
Annette Bedford

CEO, The A Firm

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