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Matthew has done a great job of providing us with leads to good quality prospects for our CFO Services. We have a good number of potential clients now in our pipeline and some who have become paying clients as a result.
Sue Hirst

Director, CFO On-Call

About Sales Higher

We get it. Your sales pipeline is the most important part of your business. And you need a steady stream of high quality leads to support your sales team.

We’re a top b2b lead generation company that’ll get you the warm leads you need to fill your sales funnel. We’ll find the companies that are most likely to need your services. And identify the decision makers your sales reps need to meet. Then we’ll contact them on your behalf; and send the qualified leads to your marketing and sales team.


Professional Copy

  • Value proposition
  • A/B testing
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Monthly reviews

Custom Database

  • Prospect research
  • Personalization
  • Data cleaning
  • Response management

Email Delivery

  • Mailing domain
  • Professional hosting
  • Domain warming
  • Delivery monitoring

Price / Month

$350 ~


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Think Relationships, Not Lead Generation

The ONLY lead generation strategy that works is one that puts prospects first. In other words, you want to create relationships, not opportunities. It’s a subtle but important difference.

Relationship building means you’re thinking about ways to add value to your prospect’s situation. And it’s the only approach to b2b marketing that works in the long term.

It’s not hard to do. You just need to know your target customers and their pain points. Then articulate how your product or service will increase sales or save on costs.

We’ll show you how to use email marketing to deliver value and get qualified leads. While making your sales and marketing relevant and personal.

We chose Sales Higher after an exhaustive review of lead generation agencies. We stay with them because we are truly satisfied with the leads we’ve received.

Sandra Lee

Solutions Consultant, Applivon

Hand Curated Lead Gen

Customer acquisition is a human process.

Sure, we use lead generation tools to help us identify potential opportunities. But that’s where many b2b lead generation companies end. And where we’re just getting started.

We individually check the target companies in your lead list to ensure they match your target customer. And confirm the email addresses for decision makers is correct.

It’s a ton of extra work. But you only get one chance to make a great impression with potential customers. So it’s worth it.

Lead Generation For Small Business

Yeah, we sometimes work with large, listed companies. But that’s not who Sales Higher was created to help.

Everyone needs b2b sales leads. But small businesses don’t have the budget required for b2b lead generation services. Many don’t even have a sales team.

And that’s who we serve. Our goal is to be the best lead generation solution for small business – bar none.

We’ve been at it for a decade already. And we keep getting better and better. So if you’re looking for a b2b lead gen agency that understands your limitations. And knows how to get the job done anyway. Give us a call. We’ll be proud to help you get generate b2b sales leads and meet your next 20 customers.

small business lead generation

Meet decision makers interested in your solutions

Scalable B2B Lead Generation

Your b2b data is precious.

So part of your marketing strategy needs to be focused on conversion rate. And getting the best possible outcome from every one of your precious contacts.

That means taking things slow at the beginning. Confirm your marketing campaign is converting to qualified leads at a reasonable rate.

When you’re ready, accelerate your email outreach, and scale like crazy!

That’s how you build outbound email marketing campaigns that deliver long term growth.

scaleable B2B sales leads

How Does It Work?

Tell us who you want to meet. We’ll find their contact information and reach out to them in your name. We pass you the interested replies for follow up.

How Do I Monitor My Campaign?

You have access to your outreach platform, and can request changes any time you like. For example, if you’re taking a holiday you can pause your campaigns. Regular campaign reviews are encouraged to get the best results possible.

Why Is Sales Higher So Affordable?

Every company should have access to a b2b lead generation agency, not just companies with a massive budget. We’ve done everything possible to keep our costs down – making our solutions accessible to everyone, regardless of company size.

Can I Personalize My Messages?

Yes! Entire sentences can be personalized to ensure your messages are relevant and interesting. Emails with high personalization get double the average engagement rates.

How’s The Performance?

Massively successful lead generation campaigns find a profitable intersection between the offer and the audience. Neither of those variables is static. We recommend regular iteration until you generate b2b sales leads in a predictable way. Small, ongoing tweaks to your campaign can add up to a huge ROI.

How Do I Get Started?

Let’s start with a quick discovery call to ensure we’re a great fit for your lead generation needs. Visit our Contact page, to book a time to connect. If you need an additional time slot opened, let us know. After we speak we’ll start getting you leads in a few short weeks.

Successful B2B Sales Leads One
Successful small business lead generation
successful small business lead gen

Meet decision makers interested in your solutions

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