A note from Matthew, our Managing Director

Hi there -

Sometimes people ask me why I built a lead prospecting company. Starting out, I envisioned helping CEO’s hire and develop better sales staff to increase their revenues. To learn more about their needs I met with about 75 CEO’s at companies with 1 to 300 staff over 12 months.

What I found shocked me.

Virtually every CEO told me closing deals wasn’t their primary concern.

Huh, what?

Instead, they were far more focused on the process of consistently getting new sales opportunities in the first place. They didn’t need better sales people, they wanted more, targeted sales leads.

Sales Higher is the child of those conversations. It’s a simple, replicable solution for small company owners who don’t have a spare hundred hours a month to generate leads, but still need a full pipeline every month.

We research your absolute best buyers – decision makers who have a budget and need your solutions. We help you with your approach, and make sure you’ve got everything you need to maximize your data.

Our funded companies list is updated every week with hundreds of CEO’s that just raised capital. They’ve got KPI’s they’re required to achieve and need to outsource to get there.

I hope you’ll click on the button below and tell us about your business and what kind of leads you’d like to receive. Look forward to hearing from you.



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