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How Does Turn Key White Label Lead Generation Work?

Lead generation solutions require a significant investment in hiring staff, daily training, and professional tools. But what if you could skip all that?

White label lead generation is a turn-key way for agencies to add professional lead generation to your list of services. When you partner with Sales Higher, your clients get an entire team of lead prospecting specialists working tirelessly to help your clients grow their business.

All you have to do is manage the relationship.

And take all the credit, of course!

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Your Client → Your Relationships

Your client relationships are everything. We get that.

Sales Higher is as visible or hidden from your clients as you want. We don’t need to speak with them. And they don’t need to know we even exist.

When high potential sales leads come in they go directly to your client. You get notified and are fully kept in the loop. So you always know exactly what’s going on, and you can better serve your clients.

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Reporting & A/B Testing

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Your clients want to know exactly what’s going on with their campaign.

With our reporting you’ll be able to answer any question your clients could possibly ask. From response rates, to return on investment, their campaigns are completely transparent.

But campaign analytics isn’t just about knowing what happened.

Analytics are a tool to consistently improve the performance of your white label campaign. When combined with A/B testing, you’ll see what messaging is working, and what can be improved. Ultimately, creating the best possible outcomes for your clients.

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The secret to successful lead generation is contacting the right people. Our expert researchers prepare human-curated company lists that match your sales targets. And then we find the right decision makers to connect with.



We’ve worked on hundreds of lead generation campaigns. And we’ve seen what works, and what doesn’t. We’ll help your client avoid costly errors in campaign strategy. And guide them to decisions that will maximize results.



How you structure your copy has an outsized impact on campaign performance. We’ll help your client implement best copy practices. And show you how to significantly increase email response rates.


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White Label Lead Generation

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