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Referral Leads

referral leads

The absolute best leads are recommendations from people we’ve worked with in the past. There’s no bigger win than being trusted with the well-being of a client’s friends and loved ones.

Sales Discovery Questions

sales discovery questions

Sales discovery is a delicate process that explores your prospect’s situation and goals to see how you can help. Done right, no one needs to feel uncomfortable!

B2B Marketing Channels

Startup Lead Generation

There are lots of different ways to do B2B lead prospecting. This cartoon illustrates the importance of testing different marketing channels.

Lead Capture

Lead Capture

An effective lead capture system is the difference between a business that works and one that doesn’t. Just don’t use horses.

Test Your CTAs

Call To Action Testing

What you ask for will have a huge impact on your outreach results. An invite to Hawaii will get a lot more positive replies than a meeting request.

Cold Email Follow Up

Cold email follow up messages

I’ve never met anyone that likes being pestered by email. But 15 years ago a sales guru suggested this is the way to go. So people still do it…

B2B Intent Data

B2B Intent Data

These days everyone is talking about ChatGPT. I think the real news might be b2b intent data. The level of insight into buying behaviours is astonishing.


ChatGPT for cold email

Everyone is talking about how ChatGPT will affect marketing teams. It’s true! But humans aren’t replaceable yet. Remember, ChatGPT doesn’t create, innovate, or decide. It only regurgitates. 

Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch

I was at a networking event and delivered my perfect elevator pitch to a morgue technician. His inability to reciprocate was the inspiration for this sales cartoon.

Cold Email

Cold Email Personalization

Email personalization can be creepy! There are AI tools that stalk your prospects online so you have something unique to say. No wonder this is one of our most popular marketing cartoons.

Prospect Research

prospect research

I get SO many cold emails where the sales targeting makes NO sense. These sales cartoons are a chance to poke fun at selling the wrong things to the wrong people. I think it’s funny!

New Business Leads

New Business Leads

I didn’t set out to create a thought-provoking marketing cartoon. But this one is something of an existential onion. And I keep finding new ways it can be interpreted.

Sales Productivity

sales productivity

The best sales cartoons are based on real life. Every salesperson has experienced increased quota. But with ZERO buy-in from the people that actually have to do the work!

Marketing Budget

marketing budget cartoon

I love doing single-panel marketing cartoons because the entire premise has to be expressed in one moment. The clown trying to blend in does that perfectly.

Ideal Client Profile (ICP)

ideal client profile ICP for sales targeting

There aren’t many sales cartoons about picking an ideal client profile. But there should be! How many hours have you wasted selling to prospects that never should have been contacted in the first place?!

Lead Magnet

lead nurturing

The people are getting hooked on lead magnets like ebooks. And the implication is that marketers are sharks. Fortunately marketing cartoons don’t need to be subtle…

Irresistible Offer

Create An Irresistible Offer

Inspiration for sales cartoons comes from real sales experiences. For some buyers chipping at your margins is just second nature. They’d rather die than pay full price!

Sales Compensation

sales compensation

Sales compensation packages are supposed to align the interests of the company and the salesrep. But sometimes they don’t work so well. This sales cartoon covers that perfectly!

Cold Calling

cold calling comic

Anyone who has spent time cold calling knows it’s one of the toughest jobs out there. Maybe we should celebrate the unsung sales heros behind the scenes, too!?

Content Marketing

content marketing

Everyone knows the power of content marketing. But what about the inherent absurdity of trying to outrank millions of articles on the exact same topic in search!? Worth a think…

Qualify Prospects

Qualify Prospects

Sales and marketing are in a never-ending conversation the definition of a qualified lead. Ideally, there’s an agreement about what leads get sent to sales. But it doesn’t always happen.

Marketing Automation

marketing automation

Has the promise of marketing automation been met? Certainly some people its inflicted on think it’s not used properly.

Outbound Marketing

outbound marketing image

Marketing cartoons should be silly! It’s not very deep. But I love the idea of combining marketing with the fun of making paper airplanes.

B2B Testimonials

b2b testimonial templates

This cartoon highlights the critical role of testimonials in marketing. They can enhance search presence, and help sales reps get more deals. Which is why some people fake them!

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Unique Selling Proposition - USP

This cartoon is based on some client conversations. They want highly qualified sales leads. But they don’t have a value proposition or USP. Or they can’t articulate them effectively.

Prospecting Methods

Prospecting Methods

Marketers are trying to reach prospects across multiple marketing channels. While trying to mange attribution. Smoke signals are the next marketing channel to become popular.

Partner Marketing

Partner Marketing

Partner marketing is one of the fastest ways to grow. The right partner can make the search for new sales easier, and provide other expertise. But not all partners are created equal!

Sales Cartoons – Prospecting

prospect list

This was our very first sales image! It’s a bit rough, and not very funny. But it established the style we’d use for future sales and marketing cartoons.

Email Response Rates

cold email response rates

The nice thing about cold email is it’s very easy to measure. You can use campaign insights to find the right audience-message fit. But remember, results are more important than the data!

Sales Targets

Sales Targets

Sales targeting is the most important part of your value proposition. Your prospects need to understand how you can add value to their situation. Be intentional about who you focus on.

Call To Action

Call To Action

My inbox is full from newsletters I subscribed to, but don’t have time to read (you’re probably the same). No awards for guessing the inspiration for this marketing cartoon.

Zoom Meetings

Zoom Meetings

Zoom has taken over sales meetings. And it gives us a bit of a voyeuristic peek into other people’s homes. But it’s a curated view, isn’t it!

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Matthew Murray

Matthew Murray

Matthew Murray is the Managing Director of Sales Higher. He knows any company can THRIVE with enough qualified sales leads. So he’s spent the last decade helping companies meet engaged prospects and win new deals.

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