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We chose Sales Higher after an exhaustive review of list building services. We stay with them because we are truly satisfied with the leads we’ve received.
Sandra Lee

Solutions Consultant, Applivon

list building services

Applivon engaged Sales Higher to help them with our email list building services. Applivon offers custom app development solutions for SME’s. They help small businesses use technology to grow by streamlining business productivity.

We began by identifying retail solutions who would benefit from Applivon’s Omnichannel Management solutions. Omni-channel enables companies to scale their online sales world-wide, with limited effort. It’s perfect solution for any company with ecommerce-friendly products, and are looking to grow . It even works well for companies that don’t already have online sales infrastructure.

Our virtual sales assistants got straight to work and identified 13,023 retail companies with 10 or fewer staff. This would comprise the preliminary data set.

Narrowing The List

Applivon knew from the outset that they wanted their lead generation campaign to be as granular as possible. They wanted to fully understand their audiences’ situation before making the effort to connect.

With this in mind, Sales Higher reviewed all 13,000 companies to determine their probability of becoming a client. Among other metrics, we looked at physical premises, company capitalization, and product niche to narrow the list down to 1800 companies with the highest potential to become clients.

Email list building services
b2b list building services

List Building By Segments

Email copy needs to reflect the fact that every company is different. Some companies are already selling online. While others haven’t explored ecommerce opportunities yet.

We reviewed the all the company websites for popular ecommerce solutions. And then segmented the companies into those already using a ‘top ecommerce platform. And those with no ecommerce presence.

Out of 1800 websites, we found 56% weren’t using a leading ecommerce platform to drive online sales.

Knowing what ecommerce platform the prospect is working with creates fabulous opportunities for copy personalization. Sales Higher reviewed all of the websites that were already selling online, and then segmented the data by platform niche. Here were a few of our findings:


  • Shopify dominates the local market with 49% of small business market share.
  • WooCommerce is Shopify’s biggest local competitor with almost 22% of market share.
  • Local and ASEAN developers are inclined towards open source / low cost solutions. OpenCart captured a respectable 13% of the market.
  • Wix’s ease of use and simple integration for ecommerce drives 7% of small business ecommerce in Singapore.

List Building Results

Applivon’s list building campaign is still running. And to date the results have been spectacular!

Positive replies and requests to meet are approaching 10%. And cost per interested client lead is running at usd $21 per contact. We couldn’t be happier for their success!


Matthew Murray

Matthew Murray

Matthew Murray is the Managing Director of Sales Higher. He knows any company can THRIVE with enough qualified sales leads. So he’s spent the last decade helping companies meet engaged prospects and win new deals.

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